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The Studio Chronicles is a business blog of interesting and inspiring content aimed at helping you take your business to the next level.  You’ll find marketing tips, brand positioning information, useful resources for thinking differently about the way you do business and other suggestions for creating efficiency in your workday.

We want to help you do more with less hassle (and make big waves with a little boat!). We pride ourselves on being a small boutique business. Small means nimble. Small means powerful. Looking for help on a topic we haven’t yet covered in the blog?  Shoot us a note at

2019 Holiday Digital Marketing Strategies

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An effective holiday marketing strategy could make the holidays your most profitable time of the year. But going into the season without a plan in place? Well, that’s as awful as receiving nothing but coal [...]

How Social Media Fits in a Brand Strategy

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Each social media platform has a preferred method of engagement that can affect how a business communicates its brand message. Think of it this way: Social media is a vehicle for your message, your brand [...]

How Branding Can Save You Money on Social Media Ads

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Social. media. is. not. free. It’s a pay-to-play game, but it is incredibly powerful. And if you’re doing social right, where you create a plan that aligns with your business and marketing goals, implement that [...]