Outstanding & Standing Out

 It’s easy to take a stance on something when you’re passionate. We see that firsthand with clients like Norwich Meadows Farm when it comes to regenerative agriculture and Breeding Insight, who are making life easier for farmers with software to record, analyze and share data. You do outstanding work and should be recognized for standing out. 

Why Branding is Important for Consumer Packaged Goods

Your recipe speaks for itself, sure, but we can’t hear it over the noise of your competitors. How do purpose, perception, and packaging influence consumer loyalty and marketplace success? Read on to understand why branding is vital for CPGs.

Developing A Visual Identity for an Ag-Based Software Platform

Breaking down barriers to share data is the basis for new software developed by Breeding Insight. DeltaBreed enables breeders to record, analyze and share data as they develop specialty seed varieties and animal breeds. We worked with the agtech company on a naming, logo development, and a messaging strategy for their software.



Threads entered the scene in early July as a Meta app. We’re suggesting clients hop on the app (for an immediate following from a pre-existing Instagram audience), and start with strategy focused on creating engagement, no-click content, and active social listening. Be sure to DM us so we can follow you!

Cultivating 1000+ Crops

We’re hard pressed to think of anyone more dedicated to sustainability and soil health than Zaid and Haifa Kurdieh of Norwich Meadows Farm. It’s wonderful to see our clients recognized and fascinating to read what is sprouting up in their garden this season!

Sorry Skittles, this flavor ain’t it.

Why are farmers watching their grass from space? The technology is udderly amazing!

Food photographers, no need to worry about AI just yet.

It’s too hard to choose between pasta and ice cream.

Core Values Party Chicken

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