There’s so much more to business than just what you’re selling. We say it so often, it’s a mantra in the 29 Design Studio offices. So, when we came across The Manifesto of a Doer, it really captivated our team. It’s chock full of inspiration. Especially #21: “Even though you are busy, make time to help others who are at the start of their journey. Give back. It will help you.”

Our founder Maureen has previously volunteered to mentor students at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in their Entrepreneurial Studies Program. Maureen coaches students on streamlining their businesses and teaches them how to work branding and marketing strategy into their business plans.

With families, business, and the general busy-ness of life, why spend precious hours working with these students? Maureen said:

“I love surrounding myself with anyone who is passionate about what they’re working on. The inspiration is infectious! And I also believe in giving back. I’ve had a lot of people offer to help me grow 29 Design Studio along the way, and it means a lot to me to be able to pay that forward.”

It’s important to our whole team to make an impact on this world. To make change. To do something important.

Every member of the 29 Design Studio team does this individually.

  • Maureen is an Entrepreneur In Residence for The Commissary Kitchen in Rochester and has recently started working with Launch NY, providing “Collaboration Hours” to work with startups and their founders. Maureen also serves as a Board member for the PMD Foundation.
  • Colleen coordinates the annual 5K Run, Walk, or Roll for the PMD Foundation, as well as acts as Treasurer for the Jordan-Elbridge Youth Football + Cheerleading League, and coaches both the Cheer team and the Jordan-Elbridge recreational tee-ball/softball league.
  • Courtney has volunteered as a judge for pitch competitions in the past and is looking forward to reviewing student portfolios for her alma mater.
  • Franca volunteers as a barista at the cafe in her church and participates in her aerial arts community.
  • Hailie supports local charities that benefit community members undergoing hospital treatments, seeking to alleviate the stress and costs associated with navigating the medical system.
  • Olivia actively participates in her local “Buy Nothing” group, advocating for “Buy Nothing” and local mutual aid in general.
  • Jennifer participates in a virtual reality program guiding marginalized youth as they practice pitching startup ideas, as well as mentoring women entrepreneurs through all stages of their business journey.
  • Regan has volunteered during the Rochester Lilac Festival and contributes to the National Alliance on Mental Illness – Rochester by joining their community walks and activities. 

Social good is part of our company culture. In addition to those mentioned above, the team bands together during the year to volunteer as a group. We have contributed time and resources to organizations throughout the US:

  • FoodlinkNY distributes millions of pounds of food annually and prepares hundreds of thousands of healthy meals for students.
  • Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization with experiential programs teaching children and youth about financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.Have you thought about the commitment your business makes to your community?

The hands-on experience of mentoring and contributing allows our team to see the ripples of impact more clearly. Not only is our commitment good for business, but on a personal level, it’s deeply satisfying.

“I’ve intentionally built 29 Design Studio as a business focused on giving back,” Maureen adds. “That intention extends to bringing on clients and team members who share our commitment to making a difference.”